We are absolutely floored by the quantity and quality of submissions we have received during our first open call. Thank you!

We’ll be working through the final 100 or so submissions over the next day or two. Given the volume of submissions we received at the end of the open call, many responses will be brief, but that doesn’t mean that your stories are unappreciated!

The Bad News First

We only have room for 12 to 15 stories in our first anthology. With over 650 submissions, we’re going to have a lot of disappointed authors. Keep an eye on the Submissions page for our progress working through the submissions. If the trailing date posted there is past the date you submitted your story and you haven’t received initial rejection/hold email, contact us right away.

The Good News

We will be contacting the authors of stories selected for publication in Volume 1 (Spring 2016) starting on the 10th of September. We’re hoping to get the bulk of our offers out right away, but please stay calm and keep writing in the meantime. We’re traveling during September and October so there might be some hiccups.


The Great News

If your story is not selected for Volume 1, there is still hope. We are quite certain that we have enough fantastic stories on hold for two anthologies. Once we have the contracts signed for Volume 1, we will begin the process of making offers for Volume 2 (Fall 2016). If everything goes smoothly, this should happen towards the end of September.

A Huge Thanks To Everyone Who Submitted

If someone tells you there can’t be diversity in science fiction, don’t let the hatch hit them in the ass on the way out the airlock. Y’all are the absolute best! Katy will put together a post in a few weeks to show just how awesome the math proves you to be. We may not have selected your story this time, but… there is always Volume 3.